Winelight™ Metal Bottle Wick - Brass Mini - Set of 2


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Winelight Brass Mini - Set of 2
  • Fits 1/4" to 1/2" opening - WILL NOT FIT WINE BOTTLES
  • Rounded collar Diameter 9/16" / Stem diameter .33"
  • Collar height extends about 1/8"
  • Includes Braided Cotton Wick
  • Set of 2
Vintage Concepts created the Winelight®, a ceramic, glass, marble, or metal “cork” with a cotton wick that turns any glass bottle into an oil lamp. The Winelight® is a fun and unique way to preserve that special bottle from a happy occasion, create a fun decoration, or to re-purpose bottles into useful items. Simply fill the bottle with lamp oil, place the wick into the oil, and light. Useful as both a conversation piece and for casting a warm glow to provide hours of enjoyment long after the wine is gone.

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