Small Rattan Champagne Bucket with Acrylic Insert


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Dimensions (inches): 10"x11"

Our artisan-crafted Rattan Champagne Bucket will add texture and elegance to your celebrations. This stunning piece features a sturdy, handcrafted rattan exterior.

The clever inclusion of a strong, removable acrylic insert prevents condensation while preserving the rattan's flawless finish. Its high-quality tight weave provides not only durability but also a stunning natural aesthetic, making it a captivating centerpiece on any table.

  • Acrylic insert included
  • Wash the Acrylic insert separately
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors 
  • Hand Woven by Local Artisans from Burmese Rattan
  • Made in Myanmar

SKU: 948

Model number: ATC-BS948

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Color: Honey Brown

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