Rattan Square Planter with Plastic Insert


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Dimensions (inches): 8"x8"x6.75"

Blossom your space with our exquisite Rattan Planters, where style meets nature's elegance! Handwoven to perfection, these planters offer a splendid home for your potted plants or vibrant bouquets. Versatile in placement, they grace tables, and desks, or serve as stunning floor plant vases.

Each planter is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled rattan artisans in a quaint village in Burma. Embrace the harmony of artistry and nature, whether you're adding a touch of greenery indoors or enhancing your outdoor oasis. Elevate your botanical displays with these ravishing rattan planters!

  • Before watering, please remove the plant from the rattan planter.
  • Hand Woven by Local Artisans from Burmese Rattan
  • Natural and Sustainable Product
  • Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth
  • Made in Myanmar

SKU: 884

Model number: ATC-BS884

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